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Interested in helping the people of Ukraine? Not sure where to start? Oseredok has a guide.



Russia and Ukraine are different in many ways. Russia is a militarized country which spends its hydrocarbon earnings on weapons, and intervenes beyond its borders on a regular basis. Ukraine has small armed forces with much less impressive weaponry. In Russia, everything is centralized by the state and controlled by one person (we see the result); in Ukraine decentralization and informality are the rule. Ukraine’s army is partly crowdfunded.

Everyone has different values, and so here is a range of options.


Humanitarian Charities


We will be accepting donations to go towards programming, courses and resources that will be offered, free-of-charge, to Ukrainian refugees at Oseredok.  As of June 1st, 2022, Oseredok will no longer be accepting donations of behalf of, or transferring donations to, The Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

A registered charity in Canada and the main humanitarian fundraising effort of the UCC.


War Effort Giving


An organization which provides equipment for soldiers

Donate directly to the Ukrainian war effort and help purchase desperately needed supplies

Crowdsource funding for the Ukrainian Army


Evacuation Assistance


Evacuation and medical assistance

Evacuation assistance. (Make sure you have selected “Ukraine”)


Other Charities


This website lists five other organizations working in Ukraine


 Charities Which Will May Not Accept Credit Card



Make and Impact Through Action


Write to your MP

  • The UCC has a form letter that you can use as well as link to look up your MPs contact.
  • Pressure your government to assist Ukraine further. Putin is targeting civilians and committing war crimes in Ukraine and NATO has the power to stop it. Let your elected representative know that you’re not interested in standing by and watching


Speak Out Online

  • Show your support for peace in Ukraine, but also for freedom and democracy globally, by posting about it and joining the conversation to raise awareness
  • Pressure businesses online to join the sanction effort and bring an end to the invasion


 Combat Russian Mis- and Disinformation

  • Make sure to keep an eye out for rhetoric that frames the conflict as anything but an unprovoked attack and an unequal battle for survival and engage with it further
  • Check your sources and be media literate
  • Learn more about Ukraine and Ukrainians


Explore Ukrainian Culture 

  • Putin’s pretence for the invasion was that Ukraine is not a country with a distinct people, but as your readers surely know, that’s not true! Explore Ukrainian music, art, literature, food, and support Ukrainian businesses and artisans, and be part of keeping Ukraine alive in our hearts



  • Do you have a desire to do something? Volunteer with a local Ukrainian organization or leave your contact details with us


Learn More

Interested in which news sites to follow for up to the minute information? We recommend these great English language news sources:

It is important to note that the Kyiv Post is the only non-independent new source on this list and is owned by the Ukrainian state

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