Andrij Lyubka Poetry Readings

Andrij Lyubka Poetry Readings, November 2017

The programs and activities of Oseredok are guided by its mandate and consist of two elements – the Centre’s public programs, and services related to the collections.

Public programs include exhibitions, workshops, courses, public lecture series and other special events. The exhibition program features various aspects and themes of Ukrainian culture and heritage that showcase items from Oseredok’s collections. From time to time Oseredok features exhibitions of emerging artists of Ukrainian descent and brings in exhibitions from other institutions. The Centre arranges guided or curatorial tours of exhibitions for groups in English or Ukrainian.

Educational programs affiliated to exhibitions or of topical interest are another component of the public programs; these create awareness about a wide range of topics related to Ukrainian heritage. Frequently, as in the case of public lectures, conferences or symposiums, Oseredok partners with other institutions, such as the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (University of Alberta), among others, in order to maximize limited resources and bring additional value to its public programs.

One of the most popular educational programs is our pysanka workshops, which attracts a broad spectrum of Canadians of various age groups. These are available for any group that wishes to book one throughout the year or by registering in family workshops during the pre-Easter season.

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