Plan your legacy and leave your mark

A planned gift is your opportunity to leave a living legacy. When you give to Oseredok, your gift will ensure Ukrainian culture continues to be celebrated, explored, and preserved for generations ahead.

Your legacy

A charitable gift can allow you the unique chance to create a legacy for future generations. There are a number of ways you can give to Oseredok that will make a lasting impact.

Gift in Will

By making Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre a beneficiary in your Will you are guaranteeing that your legacy will live on for generations — all it takes is a simple clause. In addition, a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation will be issued and may offset capital gains or other taxes payable to lessen the financial cost on your estate.


A gift of securities to Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre is one of the most financially sound ways to support our mission and commitment to Ukrainian culture. When you donate stocks, mutual funds or other types of marketable securities to a charity, you pay no capital gains tax. You’ll also receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift. For electronic transfer, please contact your broker and fill out a Securities Transfer Form.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance are a great way to make a substantial donation for the relatively low cost of the premium payments. You can donate a policy you already own, make Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre the beneficiary of a joint policy held with your spouse/partner, or buy a new policy to donate.

Retirement Funds

Retirement funds are likely among the most heavily taxed assets you own. Naming Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre as a beneficiary can be an effective way of creating a tax-smart estate plan. By naming Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre as a beneficiary, you retain ownership of the funds, receive a tax receipt for the full amount donated, avoid probate fees and reduce your overall estate taxes.

Endowment Funds

You can create an endowment fund by donating substantial gifts of cash or assets. Endowment funds may be pooled and individual endowments do require a minimum contribution amount—please contact us for more information.

Oseredok Planned Giving FAQs

Have questions? We’re happy to discuss any of this information further with you; call us at (204)942-0218. We also strongly recommend that you consult your lawyer or estate planner for any specific wording that relates to your gift; please seek advice from a professional to properly ensure that your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed and your legacy gift is well-suited for your circumstances. We also encourage you to discuss any potential plans for your legacy gift with your family and/or loved-ones.



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