Founded in 1944, The Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre – Oseredok – is a museum and archival heritage institution that celebrates the remarkable achievements and legacy of the Ukrainian Canadian community in Canada.

It serves as the community’s collective memory by collecting, caring for, documenting and interpreting collections of ethnology, folk art, fine art, and archives related to community history.

Oseredok prides itself on its uniqueness, which lies in pulling under one roof diverse but inter-related collections that reflect a wide range of cultural history and heritage. Oseredok is a vital source of information on Ukrainian culture, encompassing such fields of interest as history, art, music, literature, and ethnography. It is a place where the tradition inherent in the Ukrainian consciousness is preserved and transmitted to future generations.

Oseredok shares Canadian Ukrainian cultural experiences through a public program of exhibitions, workshops and courses, public lectures, presentations, and special events.

Our Mission

Oseredok is an internationally-recognized repository, museum, archive, library, art gallery, educational and research centre dedicated to the preservation, sharing, promotion, and development of Ukrainian-Canadian and Ukrainian culture and heritage

Our Vision

Oseredok is an internationally-recognized centre of excellence for the preservation, sharing, promotion, and development of Ukrainian-Canadian and Ukrainian customs, culture, educational programming, and research, housed in a historical building with a modern addition

Our Values

Oseredok is a non-partisan organization which strives for excellence by maintaining the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its operations and activities. Oseredok values and respects members, volunteers, donors, sponsors, staff, researchers, other organizations, and the public

What is Oseredok?

Oseredok is an old Ukrainian word that means Centre. It appears as the first word in the Ukrainian name of our institution — Осередoк Украïнськoï Культури й Освiти (Oseredok Ukrains’koi Kul’tury i Osvity), hence Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre.

How do you pronounce Oseredok?

First, break it up into 4 syllables: O-se-re-dok.

Pronounce each syllable:
O – as ”o” in “order”
se – as “se” in “Seth”
re – as “re” in “red”
dok – as “doc” in “document”

Now bring it all together, with emphasis on the third syllable: O-se-re-dok.

NEW EXHIBITION Motanka: Ancient Talisman in Modern Interpretation

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