Oseredok’s extensive collection of art, artifacts, archival materials, and published works document the history and culture of Ukrainian heritage in Canada.

Each object tells its own particular story and, collectively, all these stories create a historic narrative about our community, its social customs, its cultural life, its aspirations and achievements. Oseredok is the proud repository of such artifacts and the narrator of their stories.

Various artifacts from the permanent collections are periodically exhibited at Oseredok, showcasing the breath and scope of its collections.

Museum Collection

The museum collection includes artifacts that tell the story of Ukrainian ethnology and history. Objects include Ukrainian pioneer clothing, textiles, folk art and regional costumes of Ukraine. Oseredok houses one of the largest pysanka collections in North America.

  • Museum - 18th Century Embroidery On Felon
  • Museum - Borshchiv
  • Museum - Bukovyna Shirt Sleeve
  • Korovai Museum
  • Korovai Museum

Fine Art Collection

Oseredok’s art collection consists of over 900 works of art – lithographs, oils, acrylics, sculptures –
by Ukrainian, Ukrainian Canadian and Ukrainian American artists. The majority of the art holdings reflect the work of artists in the latter half of the 20th c and include: woodcuts by Jacques Hnizdovsky, oils by Myron Levytsky, Alexander Archipenko lithographs. Ukrainian Canadian artists are represented by William Kurelek, Leo Mol, Jacob Maydanyk, Peter Shostak and others.

  • Art Gallery - William Kurelek
  • Art Gallery - Edvard Kozak
  • Art Gallery - Leo Mol (Bandurist)

Archives Collection

Oseredok’s archival collection is the richest source of Ukrainian archival material in North America. It contains over 500 meters of textual material related to the history of Ukrainians in Canada and in the diaspora. It consists of papers of prominent community leaders and community organizations. Iwan Boberskyj and the St. Raphael’s Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Welfare Association of Canada are two important fonds related to the early years of settlement in Canada. The archives also have a strong music component with the papers of Oleksander Koshetz, Pavlo Macenko, Ehven Turula, Myron Fedoriv and Walter Klymkiw.

  • Archives - Szewchenko School Vita
  • Archives - Vynychenko Drama Society

Access to the archives is by advance appointment only by contacting us.

Library Collection

Oseredok’s library collection contains an extensive array of books, periodicals, serial publications and newspapers specializing in the field of Ukrainian studies. Most of the publications are in Ukrainian, although English, French, German and Italian titles are also available. The library holds approximately 33,600 volumes of books on topics related to history, art, music, literature, language, ethnography, folklore, folk art and religion.

Among some of the rare books in the library holdings are a Gospel published by the Kyievo-Pechers’k Monastery in 1658; Irmologion (Church Songbook), 1733; A Description of the Kyievo-Pechers’k Monastery, Kyiv, 1831; and a second edition of Ivan Kotliarevs’ky’s Eneida, 1808.

  • Library - Irmologion Professional

Requests to view and/or conduct research are by advance appointment only by contacting us.

A Visit to Oseredok

Click here to learn more about Oseredok from the article by Thomas M. Prymak, PhD, a research Associate at the Chair of Ukrainian Studies, Department of History and Political Science, University of Toronto