Embark on a fascinating journey into the rich world of the Ukrainian Language and Culture with Oseredok! Whether starting from scratch or refining existing skills, our Online Ukrainian Language Classes are tailored to meet your needs. The well-organized and balanced 10-week course offers three distinct levels to accommodate all learners: Beginner (Level 1), perfect for those with no prior language knowledge; Elementary (Level 2), designed for individuals with basic vocabulary but limited communication skills; and Intermediate (Level 3), ideal for those with a good command of spoken language seeking to enhance grammar, polish language skills, and explore cultural insights.

Classes are scheduled once a week: Beginners on Mondays, Elementary on Tuesdays, and Intermediate on Wednesdays, all running from 18:30 to 20:15, with a 15-minute break included. Oseredok members enjoy an exclusive course fee of $250, while non-members are warmly welcomed at $275. Refunds are processed before the course starts and within the first two weeks.

Our dedicated instructor, Olga Khamedova, is a dynamic academic with a Ph.D. in Ukrainian Literature and over two decades of experience teaching the Ukrainian Language and Literature. As a Visiting Scholar at the University of Manitoba’s Department of German and Slavic Studies/Gender and Women’s Studies, she also serves as an Associate Professor at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, specializing in Journalism and New Media. Olga is an active member of CAS (Canadian Association of Slavists) and CAUS (Canadian Association of Ukrainian Studies). Currently, she passionately explores “Ukrainian Canadian press through gender optics,” shedding light on the history of Ukrainian Canadian immigrants.

Unlock the mysteries of the Ukrainian language as we delve into its grammar, vocabulary, and cultural significance. Whether your goal is to travel, connect with your Ukrainian heritage, or broaden your linguistic horizons, Oseredok’s Ukrainian Language Classes open up a vast world of opportunities. Welcome to the adventure!

Spring 2024 – Ukrainian Language Classes Online – Beginner (Level 1) (Starting February 26, 2024)

Spring 2024 – Ukrainian Language Classes Online – Elementary (Level 2) (Starting February 27, 2024)

Spring 2024 – Ukrainian Language Classes Online – Intermediate (Level 3) (Starting February 28, 2024)

Should you have any inquiries or need additional information, feel free to contact us via email at info@oseredok.ca or by phone at 204-942-0218.

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