Get ready to take a fascinating journey through time as we explore the rich history of Ukrainian Winnipeg! Are you curious about the first Ukrainian schools, newspapers, and churches? Do you want to discover the historical significance of iconic halls, professional offices, and artistic centers? And how about a glimpse into the intriguing past of the infamous Manor/Manorka Hotel?

Join us on May 27th, 2023, for a captivating Trolley Tour of Winnipeg’s Point Douglas and North End neighborhoods, led by the renowned historian Orest Martynowych.

This three-hour tour will take you on a journey through Winnipeg’s past, showcasing sites of historic and architectural importance. Starting at 11:30PM and ending at 2:30PM, the tour departs and returns to Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre at 184 Alexander Ave East. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the vibrant history of Ukrainian Winnipeg!

The ticket fee is $45 for members and $55 for non-members.  Be sure to secure your spot as the number of spaces is limited.

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As a lifelong resident of this historic neighborhood, Orest Martynowych  is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge of the Ukrainian community and their impact on the area.

Mr. Martynowych is an accomplished scholar, with his B.A. Honours and M.A. degrees from the University of Manitoba, and further education at the University of Toronto. He is a published author of three books – Ukrainians in Canada: The Formative Years 1891-1924 (CIUS Press, University of Alberta, 1991), Ukrainians in Canada: The Interwar Years (CIUS Press, University of Alberta, 2016), and The Showman and the Ukrainian Cause: Folk Dance, Film and the Life of Vasile Avramenko (University of Manitoba Press, 2014) – as well as more than 25 articles and book reviews.

  1. Canadian Pacific Railway station and Royal Alexandra Hotel – 181 and 183 Higgins Avenue
  2. Dominion Immigration Buildings – 83 Maple Street
  3. The Manor Hotel (“Manorka”) – 692 Main Street and Higgins Avenue
  4. Vulcan Iron Works – 105 Maple Street North
  5.  Cyril (Kyrylo) Genik’s residence and (International) Taras Shevchenko Reading Club – 109 Euclid Avenue
  6. All People’s Mission (Methodist) – 119 Sutherland Avenue
  7. St. Michael’s Orthodox church – 110 Disraeli Street
  8. Markiian Shashkevych Ukrainian Heritage School & Reading Club – 49 Euclid Avenue
  9. Markiian Shashkevych monument, Euclid Avenue at intersection with Meade Street North/Grove Street
  10. Ukrainian National Co-operative Ltd. – 117 Euclid Avenue
  11.  St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Catholic church – 160 Euclid Avenue (including Monuments to Ukrainian Canadians serving in WWII (1942) and to Ukrainian Canadian Pioneer Settlers (1941))
  12. Ted Baryluk’s Grocery Store – 177 Euclid Avenue
  13. Ukrainian Labour Temple – Point Douglas Branch – 197 Euclid Avenue
  14. Providence Church Goods // Jacob Maydanyk’s atelier – 783 Main Street (in 1923-25)
  15. The “Ukrainian Voice” (Ukrains’kyi holos) weekly newspaper – 842 Main Street at Dufferin Avenue
  16. “Bishop” Seraphim’s ‘Tin Can Cathedral’ – corner King Street and Stella Avenue
  17. Queen’s Theatre – 239 Selkirk Avenue
  18. “People’s Café” / Narodna Hostynnytsia – 267 Selkirk Avenue
  19. Holy Ghost (Polish) Roman Catholic parish Rectory, Church and School, corner Selkirk Avenue and Aikins Street
  20. Dr. Hryhorii (Gregory) Novak’s residence – 355 Selkirk Avenue
  21. Oretzki’s Department Store – 487-495 Selkirk Avenue
  22. All People’s Mission (Methodist) and J. S. Woodsworth residence – 464-470 Stella Avenue
  23. Ukrainian Social Democratic Party (a.k.a. Social Democratic Party of Canada – Ukrainian Branch), 467 Manitoba Avenue (in 1907) and many other locations
  24. Steiman’s Hall/Block (1914-1933) / Merchant’s Hotel (1933-2011) – 511-513 Selkirk Avenue
  25. Dubchak’s Photo Studio (later Vogue Photo Studio) – 591 Selkirk Avenue
  26. Empire Drug Store (Alex Symchych and Nicholas Zalozetsky) – 597 Selkirk Avenue corner McGregor Street
  27. Budnick Block – 594-602 Selkirk Avenue corner McGregor Street
  28. St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic church – northwest corner of McGregor Street and Stella Avenue
  29. Ss. Vladimir & Olga Ukrainian Catholic cathedral –115 McGregor Street and Stella Avenue (northeast corner)
  30. (Tom) Jastremsky’s Hall – 85 McGregor Street (southeast corner Stella Avenue)
  31. Kucher’s Ukrainian Bakery (KUB) – 626 Stella Avenue
  32. St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic school – 650 Flora Avenue
  33. Ukrainian Reading Association “Prosvita” – 667 Flora Avenue
  34. Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox church – 190 McKenzie Street northeast corner Manitoba Avenue
  35. Robertson Memorial Presbyterian/United church and Robertson Institute – 648-650 Burrows Avenue
  36. Strathcona Public School (elementary) – McGregor Street between Burrows and Alfred Avenues
  37. Ukrainian National Home Association – 582-590 Burrows Avenue corner McGregor Street
  38. Holy Ghost and Our Saviour (Independent Greek Church) – 200 McGregor Street (east side) between Pritchard and Manitoba Avenues
  39. Ukrainian People’s Press – McGregor Street near southeast corner of Pritchard Avenue
  40. Ukrainian Labour Temple (Ukrainian Labour-Farmer Temple Association) – 591 Pritchard Avenue
    corner McGregor Street
  41. Royal Canadian Legion Branch #141 – 608-10 Selkirk Avenue
  42. V Records – Mickey & Bunny – the D Drifters 5 – sold in Selkirk Avenue stores
  43. “Promin” Publishing Company – 623 Selkirk Avenue
  44. “Plast” Ukrainian Youth Association – 623 Flora Avenue
  45. Ukrainian Mutual Benefit Association of St. Nicholas – 804 Selkirk Avenue southeast corner Arlington Street
  46. Canadian-Ukrainian Institute “Prosvita” – 777 Pritchard Avenue northwest corner Arlington Street
  47. Hetman Hall – corner Burrows Avenue and Artillery Street
  48. St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox church – 820 Burrows Avenue corner Sinclair Street
  49. Isaac Newton School – Parr Street between Alfred and Aberdeen Avenues
  50. Ukrainian Baptist Congregation – 300 Parr Street corner Redwood Avenue
  51. Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic church – 965 Boyd Avenue corner Artillery Street
  52. Canadian Ukrainian Athletic Club (CUAC) – 1723 Arlington Street
  53. Residences of Oleksander Koshetz (609 Church Avenue) and John Melnyk (453 McGregor Avenue) in 1944
  54. St. John’s (Tech) High School – 401 Church Avenue and Salter Street
  55. St. Andrew’s College (Ukrainian Orthodox) (in 1946-62) – 259 Church Avenue and Charles Street
  56. Residence and Chancery of the Ukrainian Catholic Archbishop – 235 Scotia Street
  57. Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral – 1175 Main Street
  58. Holy Family (Personal Care) Home – 165 Aberdeen Avenue
  59. Cooper-Mosienko Bowling – 1136 Main Street near Redwood Avenue
  60. People’s Hospital – 247-251 Manitoba Avenue
  61. Mission of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic – 247-251 Manitoba Avenue
  62. St. John (Ivan) Suchavsky Ukrainian Orthodox church – 939 Main Street
  63. Ukrainian National Federation – 935 Main Street
  64. Kalyna Co-op & Carpathia Credit Union – 862 Main Street 1950s
  65. The “New Pathway” (Novyi shliakh) offices / Oseredok (UCEC) – 184 Alexander Avenue East

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Event Details

Date 27 May 2023

Time 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Registration Fee $45-$55

Instructor Orest Martynowych

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