Building Revitalization Project: Language and Creative Art School

About the Project:

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre is embarking on a new Project to revitalize our building. Thus, our Centre is proud to announce that we will be transforming the basement premises into a cutting-edge Language and Creative Art School, providing our community with a contemporary and vibrant space for learning and creativity.

Why is it necessary?

Since April 2023, more than sixteen thousand Ukrainians have chosen Manitoba as their new home. And, as the war in Ukraine proceeds, the number of newcomers only gets bigger. The Canadian Government has already extended the CUAET Program at least until July 2023, which means it could be prolonged again, depending on the situation in Ukraine.

After the first wave of Ukrainians fleeing the war arrived in Manitoba in 2022, it became apparent they required assistance as most do not speak English. Since then, while hosting its free-of-charge English courses, Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre has been seeking additional funds to expand its capacity and accept as many new students as possible. The basement premises, which we plan to renovate this Fall, will serve as an Educational Centre for Ukrainian adults, kids, and all Manitobans interested in learning.

What do we need?

This Project’s budget is almost a million dollars. However, thanks to the vital contribution of local and community Foundations and Provincial Funds, Oseredok has already raised more than half the required amount.

However, to make the new School grand opening a reality, Oseredok still needs to raise about $350,000. Admittedly, it’s an immense amount of money, and still, our Centre deeply believes there’s nothing impossible, especially when discussing such an essential topic as accessible knowledge.

What do we ask?

We kindly ask for your consideration of making an investment by donating to our Building Revitalization Project. One-time and monthly donations can be made online, over the phone, in person at our boutique or by filling out the enclosed donor card. Donations of $25 and over will receive a charitable tax receipt, but contributions of all levels make a difference and are greatly appreciated.

Your support is our most precious value!


If you have any questions, please email our Fund Development Officer, Maryna Radyk, at



Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre greatly appreciates the tremendous support of the following contributors:


Province of Manitoba/ Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund

The Winnipeg Foundation

The Thomas Sill Foundation Inc.

Kinsmen Club Winnipeg


Your help is our best value!

Feedback from the present and former students of Oseredok’s English Language Course

“Hello, we are Vlad and Nina Semenenko.

We are from Kryvyi Rig, Ukraine. We graduated from Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre in November. After Illia’s lessons we began to feel confident in everyday life. He taught us basics spoken English. We found good new job. This course is necessary for newcomers, because it will teach basic English, which will help to overcome the barrier in communication. We have a great desire to continue our education, but at a slightly higher level.

We would like to thank all the Oseredok team.”

“Greetings to all. We are a family from Ukraine, Kharkiv, who arrived in Winnipeg with two children in mid-2022. It so happened that we were completely without knowledge of English and this issue was very acute for us. For me, the city of Winnipeg, like the whole of Canada, is famous for its support for Ukrainians, and the Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Center played a very important role here. We studied English for free for 2 months! For me personally, a systematic approach is initially important when solving any issue, it turned out the same with English, it was not enough for me just to memorize a set of words, I was looking for an understanding of the English language building system, which I found in these courses.

I really liked the understanding of the essence and logic of building English, I also especially want to note the possibility of socialization in Canadian society, this is simply unique knowledge of how to communicate with a local employer, in schools or neighbors, this is very valuable. Separately, I want to thank the speaker Illya Shvets for his patience, very interesting and competent presentation of the material. The course helped me a lot. I got a good start for life in Canada. I wish Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural development and if there is a deeper course, I will gladly join. Olexander Serbin. “

“Hello everyone! My name is Olha. I arrived in Winnipeg four months ago. I did not study English at school. I started to learn English in Canada. In January, I began to learn English in Oseredok. These lessons are  very interesting and informative. Now, I am able to write this text myself. Our teacher’s name is Illia. He is an excellent instructor! This course is very important to me. I am going to continue taking English classes in Oseredok and hoping to farther improve my English skills with help of Illia. Thank you so much!”

“My name is Daria. I arrived in Winnipeg from Kharkiv, Ukraine in 01.11.2022. It was very complicated decision for me as I didn’t know English at all. Before I learned English on my own, but I got invitation from “Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Education Centre” for English language courses. I was very glad, but I didn’t know what to expect.

When I started going to English language courses, I understood how many things I didn’t know yet. But I got a hope that I am able to learn this difficult language. I really enjoy this courses. Our teacher presents the material in a way that is understandable to everyone.  It isn’t just boring lessons. We learn songs in English, watch movies and cartoons, read interesting stories and learn a lot of rules. I am absolutely glad that I have this great opportunity to learn English with my Ukrainian friends.”

“Hi, I’m Diana and I want to thank English courses for Ukrainians. I’m from South of Ukraine, I’ve never studied English, I had German language in school.

First, I was afraid that this zero level language it would be very difficult almost impossible for me to start studying, but in fact it was very simple because of the program and learning process.

Now I’m ready to find my first job in Canada , and of course continue improve the knowledge I get there.

Thank you again. And of course, I want to thank our teacher Illya for taking care of us, the best teacher ever. “

“Hello, my name is Alena. I am from Ukraine, Lugansk region, Starobelsk. I would like to thank the management of Oseredka for the opportunity to take courses, for the professional approach and for the strong support of Ukrainians at the first stage of life in Winnipeg. Thank you very much Ilya for the professional approach and interesting lessons. I hope  that there will be an extension of the course. I want to continue to study English with Ilya.”

“Hello there! I want to express my gratitude to the management of “Oseredka” for the opportunity to attend English courses! My husband and I are from Odessa, we are in our fifties. We came to the classes with poor knowledge of English. Our friends from the second group recommended this course to us because they were very happy with the result.

We really like our classes. Every day we feel that our speaking skills are improving. The classes are easy, interesting and very productive! The constructions we learn in class are very useful and necessary for speaking. Speaking English becomes much easier, and the problem with spelling of words is also gradually corrected. And it’s all thanks to our wonderful teacher Ilya Shvets! Thank you very much, Ilya, for your professional approach! It’s a pity the lessons will last only two months. I would have liked to study longer.”

“Hello everyone, my name is Lina, I am from the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. After arriving in Winnipeg, I searched for English language courses for a long time, since I did not know it at all. And only the Center of Centers opened its doors and gave an opportunity to learn the language. The atmosphere here is very friendly and respectful. We thank the management of the Center for opening the doors and accepting us into their friendly family. Special thanks to our teacher Ilya, who, despite my weak abilities, supported me and gave me hope. This is a very extraordinary and wonderful person! He uses very useful, interesting, dynamic methods to help us learn English. I hope that it will help many more newcomers. Thank you Ilya.”

“Good evening everyone, my name is Natalia, I came from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.  Since January 2023, I have been attending English language classes at the Oseredok.  The lessons are held at the highest level thanks to our teacher Ilya.  He is a very professional person and I am personally very grateful that I learn from him.  He uses many professional methods to help us learn English.  I am grateful for the opportunity to attend these classes for newly arrived Ukrainians.  I thank every person in the Oseredok and the Ukrainian community for such great support! We sincerely ask for the continuation of our studies, which will help improve our level of English.”

“I came from a beautiful city – the hero of Chernihiv.  I have been waiting for English courses since the end of October.  I want to express my gratitude to our teacher Iliya, who shares his knowledge with us.  He always finds an approach to us, motivates, supports and helps to feel more confident.  Many thanks for the interesting and such important lessons for us.  He presents the material freely and easily.  Lessons go by quickly and with benefit.  Our teacher has an interesting teaching approach to learn a large amount of information in a short time.  I have been studying English with Iliya for the second month.  I learned a lot of new things, and also remembered the long-forgotten old.  I attend English lessons with great pleasure!  Separately, I want to express my gratitude to the Ukrainian Cultural and Education Center ,, Oseredok “for such a warm friendly atmosphere, for hospitality, for coffee and various sweets 🥰❤️, where we feel at home cozy and comfortable.”

“Hi, I am Svitlana. I’m from Ukraine, the city of Zaporizhzhia. I have been attending English courses in Oseredok since January. I really like the teaching method. There is a friendly atmosphere in the classroom. During my studies, I have improved my level of English. Thanks to the management of Oseredok for the opportunity to learn English for free. Special thanks to our teacher Illia.”

“My name is Tetiana Kachurak, I came from Ukraine, Rivnenska Oblast.  Arriving in the city of Winnipeg, Canada, from the first minutes of my stay, I began to be afraid of what I would do here without knowing the language, without understanding the people, because German was an additional language at school, and I did not even know the alphabet from English.  In the first days of my stay at the hotel, I heard from acquaintances about the Centers, where English language courses are held for newly arrived Ukrainians.  The next day I went to register and a month later I received a message confirming my studies.  When I came to these courses on the first day, I didn’t know if I would be able to learn at least something elementary (because I find it very difficult to learn other languages).  But our teacher Ilya prepared a program from scratch, starting with the alphabet, continuing with a greeting, and so day after day using this teaching technology, in a month’s time I can already understand at least something and answer something.  Ilya puts a lot of effort in order for us to be able to understand and communicate with the people around us who are new to us.  Many thanks to the Center and everyone who helped in the organization of this course, and especially to our teacher Ilya, who helped me and other students gain this knowledge.  He is a great guy because he knows how to properly conduct a lesson so that we learn new material.  I am very glad that there is such a place as the Center where you can help overcome the language barrier.  Personally, I, and probably each of us who got into these courses, are very glad to have such a teacher as Ilya, who tells in detail where those words come from, where they should be put and what they are for in a sentence.  P.S.  If there is an opportunity to continue these courses, I will attend them with great pleasure :))”


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