The Biggest Easter Egg Collection Project

About the Project:

Here, at Oseredok, we are very proud to have the largest Ukrainian Easter Egg Collection outside of Ukraine.  We have been collecting Easter eggs for almost 80 years, and our collection has grown to 4,500 pieces.

Most of the pieces have been hidden in storage all these years. While the unjust war in Ukraine is raging, it is now, more than ever, imperative that Ukrainian culture and heritage be preserved and promoted globally. Oseredok’s Strategic Plan for the collections for 2022-2025 features the Biggest Easter Egg Collection Project as a priority.

We identified the following three phases of the Project:

  1. Digitization of the collection.

We need to photograph the collection as the first step to ensure its digital preservation, online access, promotion, and potential future collaborations;

  1. Cataloging the collection in our Online Catalog.

As of March 1st, 2023, Oseredok launched its Online Catalog offering online collections access. We want to add the Easter Egg collection of 4,500 specimens to our Online Catalog, which will be the most extensive digital collection of Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

  1. Building a permanent display of the collection.

We want to build a permanent display of all our Easter Eggs mounted on one of our museum walls (42 ftx 10 ft). A display of 4,500 specimens on one wall will be the most prominent display of Ukrainian Easter Eggs worldwide. This display will instantly become a must-see Winnipeg destination.

Why is it necessary?

As a cultural phenomenon, Easter Eggs are deeply rooted in Ukrainian social and cultural life. Given that one in seven Manitobans identify as having Ukrainian origin, this project will resonate with a significant percentage of the Manitoba population. With many Ukrainian newcomers seeking refuge from war, the need to showcase Ukrainian cultural treasures is more significant than ever. The permanent display of the collection will become a must-see Winnipeg destination and soon prove to be a staple tourist attraction.

Oseredok’s collections almost rely entirely on in-kind donations from the community. There is a big endorsement from the Ukrainian community in support of this project. Many community members for years encouraged us to permanently display the Easter Eggs collection because they themselves or their relatives donated Easter eggs to Oseredok, and naturally, they want to see them on display.

Oseredok is mandated to preserve and promote Ukrainian Canadian heritage and culture. With some Easter eggs being over one century old, we need to preserve them in a digital format and well as limit physical access to them. This project will ensure both unlimited online access and in-person display. As a custodian of the most extensive Ukrainian Easter Egg collection outside Ukraine, Oseredok is responsible for providing the best collection care and the most visually appealing display of the collection. This project will help Oseredok to fulfill its mandate.

What do we need?

We need your help in raising $150,000 to run The Biggest Easter Egg Collection Project successfully so that to be able to meet our mission of collecting, preserving, sharing, promoting, and developing Ukrainian-Canadian and Ukrainian culture and heritage.

What do we ask?

We kindly ask for your consideration of making an investment by donating to our The Biggest Easter Egg Collection Project. One-time and monthly donations can be made online, over the phone, in person at our boutique or by filling out the enclosed donor card. Donations of $25 and over will receive a charitable tax receipt, but contributions of all levels make a difference and are greatly appreciated.

Your support is our most precious value!

If you have any questions, please email our Fund Development Officer, Maryna Radyk, at


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