The Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre, known to most as Oseredok, prides itself on its ability to preserve Ukrainian history and culture for current and future generations. Throughout Canada and internationally Oseredok is widely known for its archives. The collection holds a remarkable trove of materials collected over a century, reflecting many aspects of Ukrainian life in Canada and elsewhere, used by scholars, researchers, and individuals internationally. Oseredok needs your help to continue achieving our mandate to preserve Ukrainian culture and history

What is an Archive?

The archive is a place where memory is stored and history is made. The word ‘archive’ is hard to define as it is used in various ways. At Oseredok we use it to mean: a collection of Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian historical documents which are evidence of the activities of an individual or institution. The sprawling rows at Oseredok hold records and witness to the history of both Ukrainians in Canada as well as to Ukrainians in Ukraine. These records are kept here in your trust.

Why does Oseredok need an Archive Fund?

Within the next year, Oseredok is looking to invest more funding into our Archives. Through an Archives Fund we will guarantee that the evidence of your history, your memories, and your community is properly cared for. Oseredok is a Ukrainian word for centre and we take that seriously. Located in Winnipeg’s downtown, we are a space for everyone to come and learn from each other. Currently, Oseredok is running out of space to properly store these materials and create materials, such as digital finding aids, that ensure you have access to your history and culture. Oseredok’s Consultative Committee on Collections has worked with the Board of Directors to identify an Archival Fund as a priority in the Centre’s Five-Year Strategic Plan. This means that, with your help, Oseredok will be able strengthen how we serve you and the materials we collect in the archives in tangible ways.

From Our Community

“For us, the Oleksandr Koshetz holdings at Oserdok serve as a tangible link between this giant of Ukrainian choral music and our choir. They provide a wealth of insight into Koshetz the man, and Koshetz the cultural genius.”
Scott Armstrong, on behalf of O. Koshetz Choir

From Our Community

Our Goals

When you donate to Oseredok’s Archives Fund, you are supporting our ability to:

  • Provide efficient access to collections through scheduled research hours
  • Create and circulate digital Finding Aids
  • Decrease response time to research requests
  • Promote Ukrainian history and culture
  • Ensure your history is being preserved

The Ask

Oseredok needs your help and investment to guarantee current and future generations’ access to our collective memory. We are asking you to consider making an investment in Oseredok by donating towards our Archives Fund. These funds will directly and significantly improve our ability to function as a premier archival institution. With your donation, Oseredok will thrive as an outstanding centre for the care and preservation of Ukrainian history and culture.

Please consider giving to the Archives Fund. With a donation, you would be directly funding the future of Ukrainian memory in Manitoba, in Canada and, in fact, throughout the world.

Did You Know?

The word ‘archive’ is derived from the Greek word ‘archeia’, meaning ‘public records.’

Чи ви знали?

Слово ‘архів’ походить від грецького слова ‘archeia’, що означає ‘публічні записи.’

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